Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Resurgance of Records

A friend recently asked me if people are still buying records, CDs and DVD's. I answered him with a yes. During the late 1990s and early 2000s, several independent record stores closed shop. The reasons for that was the record company jacked up the prices of Cd's to an all time high. Downloading, Nexflix and other online sources were coming into the mix. Also, BestBuy and other big box chains came along and had items at a much cheaper price. With all that independent record stores couldnt compete. That said, over the last ten years there has been a resurgance in vinyl records. Well, lets face facts. They sound a hell of a lot better than a CD or an Ipod. Lots of new releases come with a download code. With that, business is picking up at the local independent stores. There are some reasons for that. First off, with more and more music (even mainstream stuff), coming out on vinyl, people are getting in the habit of going back to the record stores. Also, people are beginning to go back to want an original copy of something, so they can get a download, but they want an original copy. Importantly, with the loss of not only record stores and other local businesses closing up, people are realizing that with the demise of local businesses, we are losing something that cant be easily replaced. With that there is also a habit, and a support to shop at local businesses, which happens to include the local record store. If you love music, do yourself a favor and support your local record store, and get your music on a record. Buying records will help the record stores keep their doors open, but you'll feel better too. For that matter, support local bookstores, restaurants, clothing stores etc. Right on!!!!

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