Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band If You Want This Love Where The Action Is (Rhino 2009) No Napoleon Solo e/d
Dec 28 - 6:50 PM Big Star When My Baby's Beside Me #1 Record (Ardent 1972) No e/d
Dec 28 - 6:46 PM The Dirtbombs Maybe Your Baby If You Don't Already Have A Look (In The Red 2005)
Dec 28 - 6:44 PM The Marked Men All In Your Head Ghosts (Dirtnap 2009)
Dec 28 - 6:39 PM The Velvet Underground Run Run Run Velvet Underground and Nico (Verve 1967)
Dec 28 - 6:36 PM Sonic Youth What We Know The Eternal (Matador 2009)
Dec 28 - 6:30 PM The Raveonettes Bang In and Out of Control
Dec 28 - 6:25 PM The Sinatras Cande's Sweetness Life In Flames
Dec 28 - 6:23 PM The Cocktail Slippers In The City St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Dec 28 - 6:18 PM The Honey Cone One Monkey Dont Stop No Show Can You Dig It? (Rhino 2001)
Dec 28 - 6:15 PM The Shandells Gorilla Jump, Jive and Harmonize (Teenage Shutdown 1995)
Dec 28 - 6:13 PM Baby Huey Monkey Man Jump, Jive and Harmonize (Teenage Shutdown 1995)
Dec 28 - 6:10 PM Annette Funicello The Monkey's Uncle Best of (Rhino 1984)
Dec 28 - 6:08 PM The Monkees Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day s/t (Colgems 1966)
Dec 28 - 6:02 PM The Contours Whole Lotta Woman Very Best of (Motown 1999)
Dec 28 - 5:59 PM The Action Harlem Shuffle Ultimate Action
Dec 28 - 5:56 PM The Birds No Good Without You s/t (Decca 1994)
Dec 28 - 5:53 PM Wanda Jackson Funnel of Love One Kiss Can Lead To Another (Rhino 2005) #
Dec 28 - 5:51 PM The Pretty Things Rosalyn s/t (Fontana 1965)
Dec 28 - 5:49 PM The Rolling Stones Not Fade away England's Newest Hit Makers (London 1964)
Dec 28 - 5:47 PM Bo Diddley Bring It To Jerome s/t (Chess 1957)
Dec 28 - 5:41 PM The Centurians Bullwinkle Part II
Dec 28 - 5:39 PM Sir Henry & His Butlers Giddy Up A Ding Dong
Dec 28 - 5:36 PM The Velvelettes Aint No Place Like Motown Anthology (Universal 2004)
Dec 28 - 5:32 PM Elvis Costello & The Attractions This Years Girl This Years Model (Columbia 1978) 3
Dec 28 - 5:28 PM The Clash Lost In The Supermarket London Calling (Epic 1979)
Dec 28 - 5:25 PM The dB's Black and White
Dec 28 - 5:22 PM The Little Girls How To Pick Up Girls Roasted Like Eva (Blackjack 2009)
Dec 28 - 5:19 PM Holly & The Italians I Wanna Go Home Roasted Like Eva (Blackjack 2009)
Dec 28 - 5:11 PM The Reigning Sound Something To Hold On To Love and Curses (In The Red 2009)
Dec 28 - 5:08 PM The Ettes No Home Do You Want power
Dec 28 - 5:05 PM The Love Me Nots You're Bringing Me Down Upsidedown Inside out
Dec 28 - 5:03 PM The Rationals Look What You're Doing To Me Baby Think Rational (Big Beat 2009)
Dec 28 - 5:00 PM The Standells Riot On The Sunset Strip Where The Action Is (Rhino 2009)

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Interview

The Interview
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This is an interview I did on the Sitcoms Online webpage.

How did you get to be such a Bewitched fan? How old were you when you got your first crush on Elizabeth Montgomery?
I started watching the show when I was a kid because my mother liked it, that was one of her favorite shows when she was growing up(she was around when it first aired back in the day). In high school Nick at Nite started showing Bewitched and thats when I really noticed Elizabeth Montgomery and I went whoa who is this
There was something about her looks, her style and the way she carried herself that made me go ga ga for her.

If you could travel to any decade in the 1900's which would you choose and why?
The 1960's. Mainly the music, and to see a lot of the political and social turmoil(particualry the civil rights movement) up close. Also records and concerts were super cheap. Radio was really fun and I could see all the old shows I like.

What were your favorite and least favorite subjects in school?
History and English were my faves. Science and especially math was my least favorite. I am so bad in math I can barely add and subtract.

Do you have any siblings?
Two younger brothers

Who is your favorite R&B/Funk band?
I guess I would have to go with Sly & The Family Stone

Where do you live? Where would you like to move to?
I live in a town in Michigan called Kalamazoo. Its two hours east of Detroit, and right next to Battle Creek(thats where Kelloggs is). Right now I am happy here in Kalamazoo, if I moved I would miss my friends.

What are your favorite threads on the Sitcoms Online page?
1960's sitcoms, Chit Chat, 1950's sitcoms

What kind of art inspires you?
Hmmm I have always liked the works of Andy Warhol(I have a Warhol calender), Jackson Pollack, and Leonardo Da Vinci

Do you like the Beatles? If so who is your favorite Beatle?, Favortite Beatle songs or albums?
Yes I think the Beatles are a great band. George would be my fave, "Strawberry Fields Forever" is my favorite Beatles song, and Help(the British pressing)is my favorite Beatles album.

What are your favorite movies of all time?
Beyond The Valley of the Dolls, The T.A.M.I. Show, Network, 8 1/2, JFK,

Have you lived in Michigan your whole life?
I have lived here in Michigan all my life. Lived in South Haven for a while, and lived in Detroit for a few months.

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Mint chocolate chip

What are your favorite Donny Hathaway songs?
Whats Going On, The Ghetto, Voices Inside(Everything is Everything), Someday We'll All Be Free

Do you ever hop over the border and go to Windsor?
Its been a few years since I have been to Windsor, but its nice there.

Do you ever watch Canadian TV?
I used to watch Degrassi Jr High(and High), the first series.

Dont know if this counts as Canadian TV, but I have clips of this music show from the 60's called Swingin' Time that was hosted by Detroit DJ Robin Seymour and had lots of great guests. It was broadcast in CKLW' studio in Windsor.

Do you go to school?
I go to school part time, I am a liberal arts major soon to be a history major. I like school a lot. Cant wait to get a degree.

Who is your favorite president?
Theodore Roosevelt because he believe the government should serve the people,not the other way around

What kind of things do you worry about late at night?
Dont really worry about things late at night. If I had a bad thing, or if something happend to me, I close my eyes, say my prayers, go to sleep and deal with it the next day.

If you were given the power to bring back one person from the dead who would it be?
Elizabeth Montgomery

What sports do you like?
Never really got into sports

If you were a pickle what flavor would you be?

What is your favorite song, and favorite band/artists?
I like way too many songs to pick just one as a favorite. Favorite band I would have to go with Booker T. & The MG's

Do you like to talk on the phone? Whats the longest phone conversation you had?
Not a big phone person, I'd rather talk face to face, I think my longest phone convo. was like 2 hours to this girl I was dating at the time.

Do you like getting mail? What's your favorite kind of mail? Cards, checks, catalogs, letters, etc.
I like getting mail: Checks are my faves of course, but I like getting letters and cards too.

Whats the scariest movie you've ever seen?
Hands down Night of the Living Dead(the black and white original)

What were the best and worst parts of high school for you?
Best part of school was when I graduated high school in 1993; worst part was everything before, especially high school

What kind of popcorn do you like?
Hot buttered popcorn

Do you eat healthy food like Veggies and fruit, junk food or do you do both, junk and good stuff.
I like fruits and vegatables, and I like to eat junk food too. I probably should eat more of the former and less of the latter.

What are your favorite TV shows?
Shindig, Hullabaloo, Hollywood A Go Go, Where The Action Is, Swingin' Time, Teen Town, Bewiched, I Dream of Jeannie, Leave It To Beaver, Ozzie & Harriet, My Three Sons, The Man From UNCLE, Mannix, The Mod Squad, The Lone Ranger, Sanford and Son, Route 66, I Spy, Patty Duke Show, Dick Van Dyke Show, The Monkees, The Twilight Zone, Dark Shadows, The Addams Family, The Munsters, The Flintstones, pretty much most TV shows prior to the 70's rock.

What are your favorite music generes?
Garage rock, old soul/R&B, authentic punk, girl groups, surf/hot rod, doo wop, 50's rock and pop, rockabilly, British Invasion, some psych, some power pop, some glam, old country, old blues, old jazz, gospel, classical and a few others.

What do you like best about DJ'ing
Playing records for other people to hear and entertaining people

What do you do in your free time?
Listen to music, read books, sleep

Favorite books?
The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsay. 1776 by David McCullogh. Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Partners in Power by Robert Dallak. The Civil War: A Narrative by Shelby Foote. Women of Motown by Sue Whitall. Soulsville USA by Rob Bowman. Dream Boogie by Peter Gurlanick. the 50's by David Halberstam.

What do you like best about being a DJ at WIDR?
The freedom to program my own show and play what I want without having somebody look over my shoulder or follow some playlist. I also like having an oppurtunity to play records that got overlooked the first time around, or didnt get any notice before or cool new stuff that mainstream radio wouldnt touch.

What is your one goal of being a DJ that hasnt yet been fullfilled?
To DJ a dance party and have everybody move to what I am spinning

TNT 2009

Dec 21 - 6:53 PM The Exciters I Want You To Be My Boy Roulette Single (1964)
Dec 21 - 6:41 PM Isaac Hayes Walk On By Hot Buttered Soul (Enterprise 1969)
Dec 21 - 6:34 PM The Reiging Sound I'm Waiting For The Day Break Up, Break Down
Dec 21 - 6:30 PM The Cramps New Kind of Kick Children of Nuggets (Rhino 2005)
Dec 21 - 6:26 PM The Pretty Things Road Runner s/t (Fontana 1965)
Dec 21 - 6:24 PM The Animals Blue Feeling s/t (MGM 1964)
Dec 21 - 6:21 PM The Shadows Of Knight Gospel Zone Back Door Men (Dunwich 1966)
Dec 21 - 6:18 PM Sam Cooke Shake Keep Moving On (Abkco 2001)
Dec 21 - 6:15 PM James Brown Night Train Star Time (Polydor 1991) #
Dec 21 - 6:10 PM Bobby Bland I Pity The Fool Duke Single (1961)
Dec 21 - 6:06 PM The Impressions Womans Get Soul People Get Ready (ABC Paramount 1965)
Dec 21 - 6:03 PM The Lyres Don't Give It Up Now Children of Nuggets (Rhino 2005)
Dec 21 - 6:00 PM Peter Fonda November Night Where The Action Is (Rhino 2009)
Dec 21 - 5:57 PM The Ettes I Can't Be True Do You Want Power
Dec 21 - 5:53 PM Bobbie Gentry Ode To Billie Joe Ode To Billie Joe (Capitol 1967)
Dec 21 - 5:50 PM Johnny Cash Dont Think Twice, Its All Right Orange Blossom Special (Columbia 1965)
Dec 21 - 5:47 PM Danny Hutton Roses and Rainbows Where The Action Is (Rhino 2009)
Dec 21 - 5:43 PM Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart Words Where The Action Is (Rhino 2009)
Dec 21 - 5:40 PM Petula Clark I Couldnt Live Without Your Love Greatest Hits (Warner Bros. 1967)
Dec 21 - 5:36 PM Bo Diddley Cops and Robbers Have Guitar Will Travel (Checker 1960)
Dec 21 - 5:33 PM The Ramones I'm Affected End of The Century (Sire 1980)
Dec 21 - 5:29 PM David Crosby & Graham Nash The Wall Song s/t (Atlantic 1972)
Dec 21 - 5:26 PM The Lovin' Spoonful Wild About My Lovin' Greatest Hits (BMG 2000)
Dec 21 - 5:24 PM Duane Eddy Because They're Young 1960: Still Rockin' (Time Life 1989)
Dec 21 - 5:18 PM Ray Charles Drown In My Own Tears The Birth of Soul (Atlantic 1991)
Dec 21 - 5:17 PM The Oblivans Shut My Mouth Sympathy Sessions
Dec 21 - 5:14 PM The Ronettes The Best Part of Breaking Up Back To Mono (Abkco 1991)
Dec 21 - 5:07 PM Blue Cheer Parchment Farm Vincebus Eruptum (Philips 1968)
Dec 21 - 5:04 PM The Byrds The Bells of Rhymney Mr Tamborine Man (Columbia 1965)

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Songwriters Pt.2

Dec 14 - 6:53 PM Digital Leather Gold Hearts Warm Brother (Fat Possum 2009)
Dec 14 - 6:51 PM Brenda Lee Coming On Strong Coming On Strong (Decca 1966)
Dec 14 - 6:49 PM Duane Eddy Dance To The Guitar Man Dance To The Guitar Man (RCA 1968)
Dec 14 - 6:44 PM The Drifters On Broadway (Live) Saturday Night At The Uptown (Atlantic 1964)
Dec 14 - 6:41 PM Wilbert Harrison Kansas City Fury Single (1959)
Dec 14 - 6:38 PM Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton Hound Dog Texas Blues (Rhino 1992)
Dec 14 - 6:33 PM Solomon Burke Everybody Needs Somebody To Love Home In Your Heart (Rhino 1992)
Dec 14 - 6:29 PM The Rolling Stones Cry To Me Out of Our Heads (London 1965)
Dec 14 - 6:26 PM Van Morrison Ro Ro Rosey Blowin' Your Mind (Bang 1967)
Dec 14 - 6:23 PM The Temptations You're Not An Ordinary Girl Gettin' Ready (Gordy 1966)
Dec 14 - 6:20 PM The Dirtbombs Natural Man If You Don't Already Have A Look (In The Red 2005)
Dec 14 - 6:17 PM The Mama's & Papa's Somebody Groovy Where The Action Is (Rhino 2009)
Dec 14 - 6:14 PM Dwight Yoakam Pocket of A Clown This Time (Reprise 1993)
Dec 14 - 6:08 PM Keith Allison Action Where The Action Is (Rhino 2009)
Dec 14 - 6:06 PM The Buckinghams I Dont Want To Cry 2131 S. Michigan Ave. (Sundazed 2009)
Dec 14 - 6:03 PM The Unrelated Segments Story of My Life
Dec 14 - 6:01 PM The New Colony 6 The Power of Love Colonization (Sentar 1967)
Dec 14 - 5:56 PM King Khan & The BBQ Show Third Ave. Invisible Girl (In The Red 2009)
Dec 14 - 5:53 PM The Oblivians Bad Man Popular Favorites (Crypt 1996)
Dec 14 - 5:51 PM Black Lips MIA We Did Not Know The Forest...(Bomp 2005)
Dec 14 - 5:47 PM The Saints I'm Stranded I'm Stranded
Dec 14 - 5:41 PM Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr You're All I Need To Make It The Capsoul Label (Numero 2008)
Dec 14 - 5:37 PM The Rascals See See (Atlantic 1969)
Dec 14 - 5:34 PM The Animals Fire On The Sun Before We Were So Rudely Interupted (United Artists 1977) #
Dec 14 - 5:31 PM Frank Wilson Do I Love You
Dec 14 - 5:29 PM Freddie Gorman Take Me Back Ric Tic Single
Dec 14 - 5:26 PM The Volumes I Love You 1962: Still Rockin' (Time Life 1993)
Dec 14 - 5:23 PM Etta James Seven Day Fool Second Time Around (Argo 1961)
Dec 14 - 5:16 PM Todd Rundgren Heavy Metal Kids Hard Goods (Warner Bros. 1974)
Dec 14 - 5:14 PM The Cave Weddings Just Like A Fool I'd Buy That For A Dollar Vol. 2
Dec 14 - 5:10 PM Irma Thomas Breakaway Sweet Soul Queen of New Orleans (Razor & Tie 1996)
Dec 14 - 5:07 PM The Byrds Dont Doubt Yourself Babe Mr. Tamborine Man (Columbia 1965)
Dec 14 - 5:04 PM Jackie DeShannon Needles And Pins Rock Classics: The Originals (Time Life 1991)
Dec 14 - 5:03 PM The Searchers When You Walk In The Room Rock Renaissance III (Time Life 1990)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Playlist for November 30, 2009

Nov 30 - 6:52 PM Frank Zappa Trouble Every Day Freak Out (Verve 1966)
Nov 30 - 6:49 PM The Yardbirds Lost Woman Over Under Sideways Down (Epic 1966)
Nov 30 - 6:46 PM Love Softy To Me s/t (Elektra 1966)
Nov 30 - 6:43 PM The High School Sweethearts Afterschool Special Heels 'n' Wheels (Get Hip 2005)
Nov 30 - 6:40 PM Nobodys Favorite Ooh Baby Oh Yeah
Nov 30 - 6:34 PM The Rascals Do You Feel It s/t (Atlantic 1966)
Nov 30 - 6:31 PM Bob Kuban & The In Men The Cheater Look Out For The Cheater (Musicland 1966)
Nov 30 - 6:29 PM The Rationals Respect Think Rational (Big Beat 2009)
Nov 30 - 6:26 PM The Donnas Do You Wanna Hit It Turn 21 (Lookout 2001)
Nov 30 - 6:21 PM Bob Dylan Absolutely Sweet Marie Blonde On Blonde (Columbia 1966)
Nov 30 - 6:16 PM Stephen Stills What To Do Manasas (Atlantic 1972)
Nov 30 - 6:10 PM Paul Revere & The Raiders Just Like Me Just Like Us (Columbia 1965)
Nov 30 - 6:08 PM The Byrds Set You Free This Time Turn Turn Turn (Columbia 1965)
Nov 30 - 6:04 PM The Smithereens Beauty and Sadness Children of Nuggets (Rhino 2005)
Nov 30 - 6:00 PM The Raveonettes Last Dance In and Out of Control (Vice 2009)
Nov 30 - 5:57 PM Nancy Sinatra Day Tripper Boots (Reprise 1966)
Nov 30 - 5:54 PM The Marvelettes You're The One Anthology (Motown 1975)
Nov 30 - 5:50 PM Otis Redding Good To Me Soul Album (Volt 1966)
Nov 30 - 5:45 PM The Ettes While Your Girl's Away Do You want power
Nov 30 - 5:42 PM The Reigning Sound Brake It Love and Curses (In The Red 2009)
Nov 30 - 5:38 PM King Khan & The BBQ Show Invisible Girl Invisible Girl (In The Red 2009)
Nov 30 - 5:36 PM Slim Harpo Got Love If You Want It Very Best of (Hip O 1999)
Nov 30 - 5:33 PM Question Mark & The Mysterians Girl, You Captivate Me Action (Cameo 1967)
Nov 30 - 5:30 PM The Velvet Underground Cool It Down Loaded (Cotillion 1970)
Nov 30 - 5:27 PM The Gories There But For The Grace of God, Go I We're Outta Here (Crypt 1992)
Nov 30 - 5:24 PM The Spits Pain/Beat You Up Slovengly Single (2009)
Nov 30 - 5:18 PM Carla Thomas B A B Y Carla (Stax 1966)
Nov 30 - 5:15 PM The Shangri Las Long Live Our Love Red Bird Single (1966)
Nov 30 - 5:12 PM The Pandoras It Just Ain't True Its About Time (Voxx 1984)
Nov 30 - 5:09 PM The Ramones You're Gonna Kill That Girl Leave Home (Sire 1977)
Nov 30 - 5:07 PM The Turtles Can I Get To Know You Better Best of (Shout 2004)
Nov 30 - 5:04 PM The Beach Boys I Just Wasnt Made For These Times Pet Sounds (Capitol 1966)
Nov 30 - 5:01 PM The Pretty Things Come See Me Midnight To Six (Norton 2000)