Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lindsay Crappor Interview

Mar 26 - 6:56 PM The Lovin' Spoonful On The Road Again Best Of
Mar 26 - 6:54 PM The Monkees Love Is Only Sleeping Monkees Anthology
Mar 26 - 6:51 PM Little Joy Ho To Hang A Warhol Little Joy #
Mar 26 - 6:49 PM John Paul Keith Never Could Say No The Man Who Time Forgot
Mar 26 - 6:46 PM Big Star Back of A Car Radio City
Mar 26 - 6:44 PM Emmett Rhodes Someone Made For You s/t
Mar 26 - 6:41 PM Phil Ochs I Aint Marchin' Anymore I Aint Marchin' Anymore
Mar 26 - 6:33 PM Scott Morgan Something About You s/t
Mar 26 - 6:31 PM Cathy Saint Big Bad World Daisy Tiger Story
Mar 26 - 6:27 PM Bessie Banks It Sounds Like My Baby
Mar 26 - 6:24 PM The Coasters Shoppin' For Clothes 50 Coastin' Classics
Mar 26 - 6:21 PM Ray Charles I Believe It To My Soul The Birth of Soul
Mar 26 - 6:17 PM Sleigh bells Crush Reign of terror
Mar 26 - 6:14 PM Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames Get Away On The Right Track
Mar 26 - 6:06 PM She & Him I Should Have Known Better Volume One
Mar 26 - 6:04 PM The Wanderer's Rest The Boat That I Row Highs In the Mid 60's: Wisconson
Mar 26 - 6:01 PM The Shag Stop and Listen Highs In the Mid 60's: Wisconson
Mar 26 - 5:58 PM The Outsiders I'll Give You Time To Think It Over In
Mar 26 - 5:57 PM No Bails Mook A Juice Mixdown 1
Mar 26 - 5:54 PM The Equals Michael and His Slipper Tree First Among Equals
Mar 26 - 5:44 PM The Marked Men My Eyes Fail Me Marked Men
Mar 26 - 5:40 PM No Bails Mixdown 1
Mar 26 - 5:20 PM Tennis Traveling Young & Old
Mar 26 - 5:16 PM School of seven bells The Night Ghostory
Mar 26 - 5:14 PM Legendary Wings 20,000,000 Miles to Earth I'd Buy That For A Dollar Vol.1
Mar 26 - 5:10 PM The Black Keys Dead and Gone El Camino
Mar 26 - 5:08 PM The Menthols R Is For Russia I'd Buy That For A Dollar Vol.1
Mar 26 - 5:05 PM No Bails Too Many DC Villians
Mar 26 - 5:03 PM No Bails Party Fail

# Indicates request

The Resurgance of Records

A friend recently asked me if people are still buying records, CDs and DVD's. I answered him with a yes. During the late 1990s and early 2000s, several independent record stores closed shop. The reasons for that was the record company jacked up the prices of Cd's to an all time high. Downloading, Nexflix and other online sources were coming into the mix. Also, BestBuy and other big box chains came along and had items at a much cheaper price. With all that independent record stores couldnt compete. That said, over the last ten years there has been a resurgance in vinyl records. Well, lets face facts. They sound a hell of a lot better than a CD or an Ipod. Lots of new releases come with a download code. With that, business is picking up at the local independent stores. There are some reasons for that. First off, with more and more music (even mainstream stuff), coming out on vinyl, people are getting in the habit of going back to the record stores. Also, people are beginning to go back to want an original copy of something, so they can get a download, but they want an original copy. Importantly, with the loss of not only record stores and other local businesses closing up, people are realizing that with the demise of local businesses, we are losing something that cant be easily replaced. With that there is also a habit, and a support to shop at local businesses, which happens to include the local record store. If you love music, do yourself a favor and support your local record store, and get your music on a record. Buying records will help the record stores keep their doors open, but you'll feel better too. For that matter, support local bookstores, restaurants, clothing stores etc. Right on!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Interview with Jake Simmons & The Little Ghosts Show

Mar 19 - 6:23 PM Bob Lee Wanted For Questioning A Memorial To Joe E. Ross
Mar 19 - 6:20 PM The Rocky Fellers Orange Peel A Memorial To Joe E. Ross
Mar 19 - 6:16 PM The Modern Lovers Roadrunner s/t
Mar 19 - 6:10 PM Sleater Kinney One More Hour Dig Me Out
Mar 19 - 6:08 PM Joe E. Ross Ooh Ooh A Memorial To Joe E. Ross
Mar 19 - 6:06 PM The Mummies Stronger Than Dirt Never Been Caught
Mar 19 - 6:03 PM Brother Zee & The Decades Sha Boom Bang A Memorial To Joe E. Ross
Mar 19 - 6:01 PM The Tremolons Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On A Memorial To Joe E. Ross
Mar 19 - 5:55 PM The Clash Know Your Rights Combat Rock
Mar 19 - 5:52 PM Manfred Mann Dont Ask Me What I Say The Manfred Mann Album
Mar 19 - 5:50 PM Dyke & The Blazers Let A Woman Be A Woman, Let A Man Be A Man Soul Shots
Mar 19 - 5:45 PM Bob Kuban & The In Men I Dont Want To Know Golden Classics Edition
Mar 19 - 5:43 PM Little Richard She's Got It Grooviest 17 Original Hits
Mar 19 - 5:40 PM Howlin' Wolf Howlin' For My Baby Rocking Chair
Mar 19 - 5:36 PM Death Where Do We Go From Here For All The World To See
Mar 19 - 5:33 PM Love A House Is Not A Motel Forever Changes
Mar 19 - 5:27 PM The Band Dont Do It Rock of Ages
Mar 19 - 5:18 PM Jake Simmons & The Little Ghosts Different Shade of Green s/t
Mar 19 - 5:16 PM New Colony 6 Power of Love Colinization
Mar 19 - 5:12 PM Jackie DeShannon When You Walk In The Room Best of
Mar 19 - 5:09 PM The Small Faces Tin Soldier There Are But Four Small Faces
Mar 19 - 5:06 PM Husker Du Crystal Candy Apple Grey
Mar 19 - 5:03 PM The Syndicate of Sound Little Girl Little Girl

Monday, March 19, 2012

Around WIDR For WIDR Week

Mar 12 - 6:54 PM Stereolab Percolator Emperor Tomato Ketchup
Mar 12 - 6:50 PM Roxy Music Editions of You For Your Pleasure
Mar 12 - 6:46 PM Pierre Barouh Samba Saravah A Man and A Woman
Mar 12 - 6:42 PM John Coltrane Central Park West Coltrane's Sound
Mar 12 - 6:39 PM Bobby Bare 500 Miles From Home Best of
Mar 12 - 6:31 PM Don Covay Mercy Mercy Mercy
Mar 12 - 6:28 PM Wild Flag Future Crimes s/t
Mar 12 - 6:23 PM Fred Neil The Other Side of This Life Blecker & MacDougal
Mar 12 - 6:19 PM Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum, and Durr You're All I Need To Make It The Capsoul Label
Mar 12 - 6:17 PM Henry Mancini A Shot in the Dark All Time Hits
Mar 12 - 6:02 PM Metallica The Four Horsemen Kill 'Em All
Mar 12 - 5:58 PM The Sex Pistols Pretty Vacant Nevermind The Bullocks Here's The Sex Pistols
Mar 12 - 5:52 PM Orchestral Manuvers In The Dark Enola Gay OMD
Mar 12 - 5:46 PM Grand Funk Railroad Got This Thing On The Move Grand Funk
Mar 12 - 5:37 PM Arcesia White Panther Love, Peace and Poetry
Mar 12 - 5:34 PM The Allman Brothers Band Trouble No More Beginnings
Mar 12 - 5:31 PM Screamin' Jay Hawkins I Put A Spell On You Okeh Single
Mar 12 - 5:28 PM Dwight Twilley I'm On Fire Sincerely
Mar 12 - 5:25 PM Joe E. Ross Ooh Ooh A Memorial To Joe E. Ross
Mar 12 - 5:23 PM Lalo Schiffrin Enter The Dragon Superbad Funk & Cinematic Soul
Mar 12 - 5:16 PM Little Walter Off The Wall His Best
Mar 12 - 5:14 PM The Skatalites King Solomon Ska Foundation
Mar 12 - 5:09 PM Devo Human Rocket Something For Everybody
Mar 12 - 5:05 PM The Sinatras Underground Leppotone Sampler
Mar 12 - 5:02 PM Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Going To A Go-Go Going To A Go-Go

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

1966 Salute For WIDR Week Anniversary!

Mar 05 - 6:55 PM The Elite My Confusion Back From The Grave
Mar 05 - 6:52 PM The MC5 I Can Only Give You Everything Michigan Nuggets
Mar 05 - 6:49 PM The Yardbirds Over Under Sideways Down Over Under Sideways Down
Mar 05 - 6:47 PM Question Mark & The Mysterians I Need Somebody 96 Tears
Mar 05 - 6:45 PM The Rascals What Is The Reason Collections
Mar 05 - 6:41 PM Bob Dylan Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Live) Bootleg Series Vol.4
Mar 05 - 6:35 PM Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention Hungry Freaks Daddy Freak Out!
Mar 05 - 6:33 PM The Great Society Free Advice Love Is The Song We Sang
Mar 05 - 6:30 PM Jefferson Airplane Its No Secret Takes Off
Mar 05 - 6:24 PM The Dirtbombs Sheravari Party Store
Mar 05 - 6:22 PM She and Him Take It Back Volume One
Mar 05 - 6:19 PM Nancy Sinatra As Tears Go By Boots
Mar 05 - 6:11 PM The Marvelettes The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game Marvelettes
Mar 05 - 6:08 PM Otis Redding Just One More Day The Soul Album
Mar 05 - 6:08 PM Otis Redding Just One
Mar 05 - 6:05 PM Fortune & Maltese Gone Gone Gone s/t
Mar 05 - 6:02 PM Paul Revere & The Raiders I'm Not Your Stepping Stone Guitar Rock: The Late 60's Take Two
Mar 05 - 6:00 PM The Monkees Tomorrows Gonna Be Another Day s/t
Mar 05 - 5:57 PM The Monkees A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You Monkees Anthology
Mar 05 - 5:54 PM The Monkees Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow Monkees Anthology
Mar 05 - 5:46 PM The Kittens Aint No More Room Chess Single
Mar 05 - 5:43 PM Rufus Thomas Do The Funky Penguin Chronicle
Mar 05 - 5:41 PM Brian Hyland The Joker Went WIld Philips Single
Mar 05 - 5:37 PM Sun Ra & The Blues Project Robin's Theme Batman & Robin
Mar 05 - 5:35 PM Link Wray Batman Mr. Guitar
Mar 05 - 5:33 PM The Marketts Batman Batman Theme
Mar 05 - 5:30 PM Sun Ra & The Blues Project Batman Batman & Robin
Mar 05 - 5:28 PM Neal Hefti Batman 60s Instrumentals: Take Two
Mar 05 - 5:22 PM The Turtles Can I Get To Know You Better Golden Hits
Mar 05 - 5:19 PM The Pandoras It Just Aint True Its About Time
Mar 05 - 5:16 PM Carla Thomas B A B Y The Complete Stax Volt Singles
Mar 05 - 5:13 PM The Shangri Las Long Live Our Love Very Best of
Mar 05 - 5:11 PM The Ramones California Sun Leave Home
Mar 05 - 5:08 PM The Beach Boys Cabinessence Smile Sessions
Mar 05 - 5:07 PM The B***** She Said She Said R*********