Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Me Meeting Motown Stars

Part one

The talk was on the third floor of our local library. It turned out to be a small group but that worked it because it was a nice intimate setting, sort like friends chatting.

Anyhow I introduced myself to Sue(even though it took her a minute to connect me to the forums lol). It was mostly Sue talking about her experiences interviewing several of the Motown stars, and some fun stories. There were other great stories and comments from the people as well. Not to brag but I think Sue and some of the other people were impressed with my knowledge. Now if my buddy Karl was there(he works at the library), then there would have been two of us music nerds there lol. Sue by the way mentioned her book and her upcoming book on Little Willie John. Bertha from the Velvelettes stopped in and shared some stories as well. Do I have no shame? No, because I even mentioned to Sue about my radio show.

Part Two

The second meeting was at this book fair. Represenatives from our local libraries, Walenbooks(this is a disclaimer on my part but I am more partial to Barnes and Nobles lol), and the guy who owns Corner Records(its located in Grand Rapids but he opended a second store here). There was also this lady selling a book she wrote about the R&B/soul scene in Battle Creek, since Jr. Walker got his start there he is a big part of the book, I got a copy and am looking forward to reading it.

OK in came Sue and Catherine Anderson. It was a real thrill for me because at Motown I would put the Marvelettes near the top. I got to meet Catherine and she signed two Marvelettes LP’s I brought in for her, she told me she wished she had those records. She was also extremely flattered that I told her I thought they were way better than the Supremes, and that Motown should have pushed them more.

Sue and Catherine both gave talks and open the floor to questions and answers. They both have great stories. Did you know it was only last year that Catherine and Gladys Horton got the rights to the name “Marvelettes” back?

Also there was a raffle for various prizes including a Marvelettes bio that Catherine worked on, and Sue’s book on Motown. Moi won Sue’s book, and there is something else I am looking forward to readl(Sheez like I dot have enough books lined up to read lol

Should also mention that Cal and Bertha from the Velvelettes were there and so was this British northern soul fanatic named John who also spoke briefly(frankly I found him a very nice, and articulate man).

That pretty much wraps things up. Those two days were a thrill for me. Meeting Sue and Catherine was way awesome.

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