Sunday, February 3, 2008

Twist A Go Go

It started last August

My alter ego Napoleon Solo(in case you wondered where I got the name, it comes from the character Robert Vaughan played on the TV show The Man From U.N.C.L.E.. It was originally a character from one of Ian Flemming's novel. I thought it was a cool sounding name so I took it), got his own radio show on 89.1 WIDR FM called Twist A Go Go(the title just came to me one day and I thought that would be a cool name for a radio show). My show started on Thursday nights from 2am to 4am, now its on Saturday mornings from 7am to 9am. During that time I am your musical tour guide taking you through the swingin' sounds of garage, soul, punk, pop and other forms of unique and exotic sounds from the past and present. I play requests so call in if you want to hear something. Go to and check out the current playlist to see what I play. I may post them here we'll see. Unfortunatly WIDR cannot web streat for various legal reasons. That is all, go to sleep.

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